The Brunch That’s Taking Over All Brunches: Avocado Toast

To the Skeptics of Avocados

As many of us have caught on to, avocado toast is the trendiest brunch food of our time, with health benefits that people are skeptical of. People wonder, aren’t avocados high in fat? Won’t eating too many avocados lead to weight gain? The answer is: NO! Of course, everything in moderation, but the health benefits of avocados are eminent, so why not indulge on this nutrient packed fruit?!

Benefits Galore

As with any fruit or vegetable, there are vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that aid your body to reach its healthiest state. Avocados are filled with vitamin K, C, E, B5, B6, folate, fibre, zinc, and magnesium, a wide range of nutrients to fuel an active body. In addition to that, avocados contain carotenoids, a compound group promoting healthy eyesight.

According to practicing dietician and spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, Joel Feren, “there was some interesting research to show that eating avocado as part of a moderate fat diet is actually good for reducing the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) than a low fat diet without avocado.”

Check out for more insight on the many health benefits of avocado. Below shows a chart summarizing the tropical fruit’s health benefits:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.32.28 AM.png

Additional benefits include:

  1. reduces risk of cancer
  2. improves hypercholesterolemia
  3. lowered risk of metabolic syndrome
  4. nourish dry, damaged hair
  5. prevents vascular diseases

So…what are you waiting for? Load up on those ‘cados!!!!

Eclectic Renditions

To me, the best part about avocado toast is it’s versatility, being able to eat it with any meal of the day, prepared any way, with any food. I eat avocado with almost every breakfast and lunch, using about a quarter of an avocado per serving. Most of the time, I will mash it and add ingredients to it to put on a piece of gluten-free toast or bagel, which allows me to add more to the toast post-avocado.

Try It Out!

Here are a couple of my favorite creations of avocado toast. They are so easy and quick to make, it’s hard to give an excuse to choose an unhealthy option over it!

  1. Vegetarian Toast: this one is my all time favorite, loaded with veggies and protein to keep me full and energized. For this, I use a piece of gluten-free toast, kalamata olive hummus, a quarter of a tomato, diced red onion, and a quarter avocado, sliced. Season it with a little salt and pepper, drizzle some olive oil, and a dash of cayenne for a bit of a kick and a metabolism boost! This toast is so refreshing and flavorful; a great brunch for Spring!
  2. Avocado Breakfast Toast: another nutrient packed, fulfilling breakfast that is SO easy to make. On this toast, I smash half an avocado in a bowl, and add about a teaspoon of lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and feta. Mix it to make an avocado mash to spread on the toast, and top it with an egg, sunny side up! This one has a slight citrus flavor, my absolute favorite pallet refresher.
  3. Breakfast Bagel with Avocado: If I know I’m going to have a busy day, I always try to eat a big breakfast to keep my energy high. This sandwich keeps me and my belly happy until dinner time, filled with protein and veggies. On a toasted gluten-free everything bagel, I spread garden veggie cream cheese and a quarter avocado, smashed. I top it with two slices of tomatoes and two pieces of bacon, and it is blasting with savory flavors.

Of course, there are more recipes for avocado toast than I could begin to describe, but that’s the beauty of ‘cado toast! If you want more ideas, take a look at 12 Avocado Toast Recipes for different avocado toast recipes made easy! Avo Good Day!!!





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